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‘Grit School’ – Why I Wrote it and how it can Help the Ambitious Woman

First thing’s first, I am not a world class writer, nor am I a professor in my chosen field. However, what I do have is plenty of personal experience of adversity along with professional knowledge and skills in the field of improving and maintaining good mental health.

My name is Tish Hawken. I am a Women’s Resilience Coach to ambitious ladies in business and the corporate world. I help them to develop grit, resilience, self-belief and self-esteem when they are facing personal challenges, whilst building their business or career.

Like many, I have had my struggles and continue to do so in one form or another. I have come to realise that adversity is simply part of life and that struggle gives us the opportunity to grow and develop into mature, decisive and responsible adults.

Over time, I have learned what it means to fail, get myself up out of the ‘dirt’ and continue on using personal and professional resources. I have emerged, now a woman in her 40’s, a well-lived, mentally strong and reasonably sane without the need for any medication or substances to support me in my journey forwards.

Having a background as a Psychological Practitioner working in roles with organisations such as the UK children’s charity Action for Children and the National Health Service means that my professional skill set also enables me to help women manage anxiety, fear and depression and additionally helping them cope with negative circumstances, changing poor thinking patterns and using more constructive behaviours all combined to help them overcome that very thing it is they want to change, eliminate or increase.

I initially left behind my therapeutic career in January 2016 when my workload of patients at my NHS clinics reached 35 per week. Concurrently, my partner relocated to Abu Dhabi, UAE for work which left me alone in Wiltshire with my two daughters. At that time, I did not have a large network of friends or family. I needed a role that would give me flexibility and connection whilst I was handling living as a single parent. I opted to join a network marketing company and learn how to be in business for myself doing something completely different from therapy-related work.

I enjoyed learning how to build a business from scratch with the help and motivation of my peers and upline along with the excitement and motivation that the network marketing community gave. However, what I noticed in the 12 months to follow was that many female entrepreneurs would struggle intensely to keep up momentum in their businesses when they faced personal challenges, low confidence or self-belief. Often they would slow down or in some cases even give up their ventures due to a consequential lack of resilience, drive, and vision.

This, I thought, was a real shame as I could see potential being wasted due to lack of grit, emotional resilience, negative thinking, poor planning/organisation and also the inability to manage stress. I knew that I could offer something valuable to these women. Resources that would help them to develop the grit and resilience they needed to continue with their goals. That is when I decided to write my book ‘Grit School’, a brand new one to one coaching business under the name of Tish Hawken and a 12-week, self-teach, online course for those who wished to develop in their own time.

Writing this book has been not simply a journey of extracting what is in my head onto paper; it has also been incredibly therapeutic for me to revisit my past hurts and to remember what mistakes and I made, what I learned, how I implemented strategies, constructive thought patterns and positive action that propelled me out of misery and into a much better life. The process of writing brought to the fore exactly what it took and what I had to struggle with to help me tap into not only outside resources but my own to develop the grit and resilience I needed.

‘Grit School’ contains 10 chapters (or lessons as I have named them) which will take you on a journey from accepting your current difficult situation, remembering what your goals are, through to managing strong emotions, changing the way you think to get better outcomes, raising your vibration, loving and believing in yourself, planning and organisation, managing stress and tapping into your own strengths and resources to become the strong ‘lioness’ that you need to be to accept, overcome and progress.

The book can be read cover to cover or alternatively, it can be used as a ‘go to’ or a ‘dip in’ resource if you are looking to be inspired on a specific topic that resonates with what you need at one particular time. It gives scenarios, advice, tips and stories to help you in your self-development journey.

I have enjoyed writing this book immensely, it has been a real pleasure along with shedding some tears and also remembering good times. I sincerely hope it helps you on your journey in business and enables you to overcome whatever it is you are facing.

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