You have the resources to be and stay successful if you are committed to learning and taking action.

Have you been thrown off track and lost momentum in your business due to low self-esteem, a compromised mindset, poor self-belief or a personal blow that is testing your resolve?


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My ‘Grit School’ course is a self-teach, 12 module, online course which can be completed at your own pace. It will help you to improve your mindset and manage your emotions with a helping of commitment, desire and determination from you. My teachings will add the extra ingredients to enable you to develop the resilience you need to succeed in your life and business.



Online self-teach emotional resilience and mindset course from the author of Author of "Grit School"

Are personal challenges, emotions and a poor mindset holding you back in business?

Learn how to:


- Tackle stress and overwhelm

- Embrace and cope with difficult emotions

- Reduce or eliminate negative thinking

- Truly value yourself and your abilities

- Rediscover your strengths

- Reside in positive vibrations and flow

- Build epic work ethic

- Find what lights you up to help you show up

- Manage your time and activities

- Think in a goal centred, future focused way

Growing up with my parents in the North West of England, UK – I had a ‘normal’ upbringing until at the age of 14, everything changed, and life began to throw some major curve balls for the following 13 years. Ranging from parental divorce, multiple close family bereavements, homelessness, physical and emotional abuse, anxiety, depression and physical illnesses – I had many years of struggle with the support of just as few close friends. In these times my mindset and difficulties in handling strong emotions was problematic. However, with counselling, personal coaching and a large helping of determination, these experiences taught me how to cope emotionally and to develop a mindset of a winner not a victim. Although at times I was in the depths of despair and emotional pain, I sought out and found my inner strengths to not only overcome, but to continue to create a life that I love without pain or bitterness. I now thrive as a wife, mother and successful coach.


The old saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is certainly true and if you are struggling to find the strength, focus, motivation and mindset you need to keep your career or business afloat and successful, I can help you.

My story...

My 12 modules, self-teach, online ‘Grit School’ program will take you through exercises and thought processes, step by step, to entangle the chaos that negativity can bring, to helping you overcome, discover your strengths and move forward successfully.


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