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Tish Hawken

1:1 Coaching.

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As a client accessing my premium personal coaching, you will work with me on a personal coaching basis via online video calling or face-to-face, depending on location. My commitment to you is that I will listen, understand and help you to move forward out of the hole you have found yourself in in terms of building confidence and self-belief. I will be able to do so using my extensive professional knowledge, skills and life experience. You will become empowered to get yourself back in the 'driver's seat' when it comes to your life, business or career. All that I need from you is commitment, an open mind and a desire to change

What would it mean for you to feel...

  • More confident and equipped to face life and business/career challenges?

  • That your mindset has improved to help you move forward with your goals?

  • That you have a well of inner strength that you can tap into when you need it?

  • In control of your life and get your business/career moving again?

  • Able to cope with low confidence and self-belief when they strike?

I hope your response is "everything!" - I know that when you are operating from that place, life can be good again. Let's do this together!

Choose From...

- A One-Off 2 Hour Breakthrough Session



- 1:1 60 Minute Coaching Sessions Via Zoom



 - A copy of my book ‘Grit School’ to support you on your journey of


- Strict confidentiality at all times.


Ready to overcome those challenges?

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Why Am I The Best Person To Help You?

I have gone from...

  • Enduring prolonged personal adverse circumstances.

  • Struggling with phobias, fears, anxiety and depression.

  • Which caused physical illness including a historical heart condition.

  • Severe lack of confidence at times.


  • Overcoming my circumstances and having a successful vocalist, secretarial, therapeutic, and now coaching career.

  • Improving my mindset by 100%.

  • Rebuilding confidence on more than one occassion.

  • Significantly improving my mental health.

  • Eliminating physical ailments to now being fit, healthy with no medication.

  • Penning my first book "Grit School".

  • Becoming a speaker, author and coach.

I can help you to reduce your anxieties, develop your confidence, and reignite your self-belief  to continue with both your personal and professional success.  Aided by your commitment, honesty and coachability, we will work together to reach the results you desire.

Are you..


  • Looking for a confident, personal coach that you can trust?

  • An achiever who is struggling with a lack of confidence and self-belief?

  • Struggling to focus on your business/career/life due to the confidence crisis that is holding you back and affecting your mindset?

  • Looking for ways to overcome and to personally develop?

  • Keen to eliminate your limiting beliefs so you can propel forward with success?

My bespoke coaching is a premium service for people who are serious about their  personal development.