Originating from Liverpool, UK - I now live with my youngest daughter and husband in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I visit our other home in the beautiful countryside in the heart of Wiltshire, South West England a few times per year to spend time with my eldest girl. 


Between the ages of 14 and 27, I experienced consecutive hardships including; parental divorce, financial difficulties, three close family bereavements, homelessness, physical and emotional abuse, physical and mental illness and my own divorce from my first marriage. Throughout, I found ways to continue with two careers as a PA and vocalist and consequently developed grit, stamina and determination along with a healthier, stronger mindset. I did not let my careers and professionalism crumble, nor did I sink permanently into the depths of despair for long periods of time.


From 2006 my professional, therapeutic journey began where I initially qualified as a Counsellor, then went on to work with teenagers with behavioural and emotional difficulties as a Therapeutic Practitioner for the UK based Charity 'Action for Children'. Following that, holding clinics for adults with anxiety and depression for the British NHS as a Psychological Practitioner. Now enjoying a successful online coaching business.

If I can come through what I have experienced, so you can overcome your personal hardships and thrive in your business, career and life.


“My mission is to help successful professionals who are facing a personal challenge, to tap into the resources that lie within themselves to manage and recover successfully; whilst still holding the vision of what they can achieve and who they can become professionally".

I have gone from:


- Enduring prolonged personal adverse circumstances 

- Struggling with phobias, fears, anxiety and depression

- Physical illness including a heart condition


- Overcoming my circumstances to having a successful singing,

   secretarial, therapeutic and now coaching career

- Significantly improving my mental health

- Eliminating physical ailments to now being fit, healthy with no medication

- Penning my first book "Grit School"

- You are struggling to focus on your career/business due to  life challenges, either large or small which is causing a poor mindset. You are keen to overcome, improve your mindset and get back on track professionally.

 You can commit to getting to work on yourself and ready to accept the challenge and rewards that it will bring.

- You are open-minded, willing to learn and most of all, willing to take responsibility for yourself, your progress and your life.

-will not let fear get in your way of taking action.

- you will be authentic and 100% honest in our conversations.

- you have the financial resources to enter into my premium coaching and are able to pay on time.

- You are willing to learn new ways of thinking and doing, in other words - coachable.


- You wish to develop emotional resilience or a significantly improved mindset, to continue with your professional success going forward.

- You can commit the time and finances to completing the coaching or course in full.

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