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                     I’m Tish - Life Coach/Confidence Coach, Author and 

Founder of  Fear To Freedom: Rebuild Your Confidence Mastermind. I am passionate about and committed to helping you move forward in yourself and your life so that you can thrive - both personally and professionally. 


Are you..


  • Looking for a confident, personal coach that you can trust?

  • An achiever who is struggling with a lack of confidence and self-belief?

  • Struggling to focus on your business/career/life due to the confidence crisis that is holding you back and affecting your mindset?

  • Looking for ways to overcome and to personally develop?

  • Keen to eliminate your limiting beliefs so you can propel forward with success?


"Meeting Tish was like kismet, meant to be. Right place, right time. Tish was patient and listened to this one misbelief that consumed most of my adult life.(I believed that I could never be successful writing because my mum told me so). I was blown away by her astute questions to my misbelief on this and we were able to nip that a lot more quickly than I ever imagined by working through a few exercises. I felt comfortable working with her and if you needed someone to support you, have your back and sort out your issues, Tish is the one."



“I love working with Tish, she provides the perfect balance of support and challenge when helping you on your journey. When I was facing a huge change in my life, Tish enabled me to think logically and live in the present moment, so that welcoming change as a positive was far easier. Thank you so much Tish."

Sherry - Basingstoke, UK

“Tish has supported me in times of crisis, personal or work related. Tish has always been an empathic and supportive listener and I felt really heard by her. She has been my rock my confidant, my shoulder to cry on. My voice of reasoning when I thought there was none left. Her passion for empowering women in whatever context is palpable and her professionalism is second to none."


Sam - Wirral, UK

 “I was going through a particularly hard period when I was struggling with my self-belief and confidence amongst other things. Tish helped me reflect and think about different areas of my life in a very simple but very effective way. She encouraged me to take a step back and figure out what it was I wanted and gave me some strategies of coping with those negative thoughts and transforming my outlook into a positive one. Tish does not do the work for you but gives you the tools to work on yourself and move forward. I'm so grateful to have met this amazing lady."


Frankie - Lincoln, UK

"Tish is such a warm, heart centred person, and I immediately felt I was with the right coach and in the right place to get the help I needed.  Dealing with a couple of personal challenges and some levels of overwhelm and burnout, I was feeling very emotional and stuck in a rut.   In stepped Tish like a bright light, warm hug, best friend and trusted coach all wrapped up into one!  Tish listened with compassionate and without judgement, heard everything I had to say about how I was feeling, and let me show my emotions.  In our time together Tish showed me exercises and tools to use to help me.  


Having implemented the skills that Tish taught me, I now feel so much better, happier and calmer, and able to tackle my business life and my personal day to day life, without feeling lost at sea and my mindset has improved greatly. She has helped me overcome my feelings of overwhelm and burnout, stay on track with my business goals and focus, find inner strength and grace I didn’t know I had.

I can  highly recommend Tish to anyone struggling with managing their business goals and personal life challenges". 


G - UK

"When I met Tish I was struggling to keep afloat. I had started my own business eight months prior to that and I wasn't seeing results. I was frustrated with my progress and was spiralling down very fast. 

I knew myself very well so I reached to a coach to make sure that I would not reach a point where coming back from it would have been very difficult. I knew my resilience was being tested so I reached out to Tish.


Working with Tish gave me exactly what I needed then: someone in my corner, someone to see my blind spots and reveal them to me, someone to confide in without being judged or ashamed of where I was at. So she managed to be the voice of reason and a lifeboat in a sea of what was 'shoulds and should nots'. 


Thank you Tish for being there for me when I needed it! I am grateful and thankful for the moment I found you!"

L - UK

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